Obtaining the ASE Diesel Mechanic Certification

While general diesel technicians are not required by law to obtain an ASE (Automotive Services Excellence) certification, the potential for landing a higher paying job or getting promotions through your current employer are much better than without the certification. Before you register to take the test, there are several things to keep in mind and prepare for.

What are the requirements for the ASE Diesel Mechanic Certification?:
Before you can even apply to take the exam or exams, you must have at least two years of work experience in the field. This is as much to your benefit as it is the ASE testing facility’s; new mechanics without hands-on experience are much more likely to fail the test and have to re-test than those with extended knowledge of the field.

If you do not have work experience and still wish to take the examination, you may still qualify if you fulfill certain criteria. You must either complete an approved apprenticeship program or take and complete a special co-op class from an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Only when you have met one of the requirements above will you be allowed to register for a testing session.

What sort of help is there to passing the ASE Diesel Mechanic Certification exams?:
There is no official practice test or course for the ASE examination, but there are some very good options to explore before you register for the test.

If you have no formal schooling or training previously, considering classes at a technical or vocational schools. Community colleges also frequently offer classes in heavy equipment repair. Depending on which program you choose, training typically lasts from 6 months to 2 years. For those with more hands-on work experience, a shorter program may be best. Be sure to also brush up on your math skills, and taking a few courses in electronics, physics and English is always helpful.

Some companies also help with training costs, so asking your employer about these options can also help provide some choices as you prepare for your ASE examinations.

Other ASE Certification Information:
There are several examinations you can choose to take, either for specific areas of diesel repair or you can take all of the examinations to earn a Master Diesel Mechanic Certification. Once you pass your exam or exams, you will have to re-new your certifications every 5 years by re-testing.

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